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The French Holiday Challenge

Experience the Finest of France for Your Holiday Meals

Add French Chic to Your Holiday Meal in 4 Easy Steps

Enhance Your Holiday with a French-Inspired Menu and Elegant Style

During this 4-part challenge, I’ll walk you through how to enhance your holiday meal with classic French style, access and use the finest ingredients, and create an all-around experience to wow your family and friends

You'll feel like you're in France, while not abandoning your own festive traditions.

You'll learn:

  • easy French dishes for the holiday season
  • the traditional order of a holiday meal in France
  • the classic French table setting for special occasions

Meet Your Challenge Guide

Hi, I'm Nancy, a long-time Paris resident, French gourmet food judge and blogger at

Join me in this 4-Part Challenge to easily create a traditional French holiday meal!

Nancy Conway

Blogger at and French Gourmet Food Judge

Start Your French holiday Challenge

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