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The Finest of France Cooking Essentials Course

In this course, I help people tired of take-out and packaged food up-level their home cooking using tips I learn in France

  • Is relying on restaurants and take-out for a good meal getting expensive and disappointing?
  • Are you tired of your same old recipes on repeat?
  • Would you like to add a little French flair to your cooking but are not sure you have the right ingredients or think it might be too complicated?

I’ll show you that if you start with great ingredients and know how to use them you don’t have to do much to create delicious meals.

  • Imagine if you had a pantry stocked with the same ingredients as a savvy home cook in Paris, France!
  • What would it be like if you knew you could make a simple and healthy dish using high-quality ingredients that were always on hand?
  • How good would it feel to know that you could make delicious sauces without going to a restaurant or relying on a pre-made product or a take-out service?

Does this sound like you?

If you’re anything like me you’ve heard about great French food – and not just the fancy Michelin-starred restaurant dishes, but wonderful French home-cooked meals too.

But maybe you thought that French food is complicated to make and requires using every pan in the kitchen while simmering a dish for hours on the stove.

There is a better way!

I’ve learned a lot since moving to France and watching how French home cooks quickly whip up delicious weeknight meals.

They’re pressed for time just like everyone else. But instead of calling a delivery service or opening a package of pre-made food, I saw them do something different:

Savvy French home cooks rely on high-quality ingredients to make simple, healthy, and delicious meals for family and friends.

I created “The Finest of France Cooking Essentials” Course so that you can learn:

  • what essential French-inspired ingredients to always have in your kitchen even before opening a cookbook.
  • what to look for when choosing those ingredients so you buy true quality that delivers on taste without getting taken in by fancy marketing.
  • the many ways you can use these ingredients so you don’t waste time and money buying a product you’ll only use once.

Great cooking starts with great ingredients:

Stop relying on packaged food or takeout for meals and start using high-quality pantry staples to add French flair to your home cooking.

Top-quality ingredients will do the work delivering great flavor while making you look like a genius in the kitchen!

In The Finest of France Cooking Essentials Course, you’ll get:

  • The French Pantry Checklist – a curated list of versatile French ingredients for your pantry. The Checklist is divided into three Top 10 lists of cooking essentials for each experience level: the Apprentice Chef, the Sous-Chef, and the Master Chef. So wherever you are on your cooking journey, you’ll become a master at recognizing the foundational ingredients you need to create a great meal easily. No more wasting time and money on ingredients you only use once.(value $29)
  • 8 Videos organized by ingredient category (various kinds of vinegar, oils, condiments, etc) that walk you through each ingredient on my French Pantry Checklist. I’ll share tips on how to use each of the ingredients quickly and easily in everyday cooking – so you get maximum value out of any ingredients you use. I also discuss their exceptional qualities – so you’ll know what to look for when buying your own. You’ll become an expert at distinguishing between just average versus truly great ingredients. (value $99)
  • The French Pantry Recipe & Shopping Guide – an accompanying PDF with links to online shops that stock the ingredients discussed in the videos, as well as links to recipes that use them. You’ll have your own list of preferred suppliers and know where to go to restock quality ingredients with ease. (value $29)
  • BONUS: Free 30-Minute Prep Call with me in Paris – to guide you in using the ingredients and answer any questions you may have. You’ll become a savvy home cook who can whip up simple French recipes easily and wow your friends and family with delicious, healthy meals.(value $100)

This course normally sells for over $200 but you can get it today for a special price of just $49.99!